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 My Task is Set Before Me, Open-ish
Bedivere Bedrydant
 Posted: Jan 9, 2018 | 10:57 pm

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There wasn't anything particularly remarkable to mark the return of a Knight. There was no fanfare, no clap of lightning or rumble of thunder. To be honest, the man who now crawled his way out of the mud wouldn't have wanted anything too flashy. He preferred making his own entrance when the situation called for it. The only one truly aware of the whole thing was a lone seagull who happened to be searching for half buried crabs along the water's edge at that time.

What it was not expecting was a full grown man in very tattered rags to come digging his way up out of the mud instead of a crustacean. Paying the damned bird no nevermind even as it began its incessant cries and took off like a shot into the sky; Bedivere finished climbing out onto the shore and sat back for a second, trying to gather his thoughts. The last thing he remembered was the dying strains of battle. Remembered finding Arthur moments after his final confrontation with Mordred, his king begged, begged him to take care of his sword, to throw it back into the Lake. Bedivere had been much more interested in trying to save his king's life, but in the end had given in because there wasn't much to be done. He knew, not because someone had specifically told him, but he knew that he was supposed to keep Excalibur safe, as a deathbed request of his King. That ventured to guess, or at least the hope that if he was awake now, that Arthur was likely awake as well. Because fuck anyone else who was going to try and wield that sword. Over his knewly-not-really-dead body.

Welp, time to get to work.

The wicked had had plenty of rest.

With as much ceremony as his resurrection held, Bedi waded into the water and after a few deep breaths, he ducked under the shallow waves. Blinking open his eyes, everything was dark and tinged red where usually it would have been tinged green under the water, or even blue depending on where you were swimming. This... must by one of the reasons Arthur was awake. Something bad was happening, and it didn't look good.

Lungs and chest were burning by the time he got to the bottom, following the little thrum of the sword as he swam. Swimming wasn't something he was great at. Since he was a little lopsided when it came to cutting through the water with his hands, Bedi had a tendency to arch slightly to the left when he didn't want to. But burn or no, stagger or no, Bedi made it to the bottom, his hand fastened around Excalibur's hilt; black spots swam in front of his vision, his first attempt to grab the sword even failed, but the second time, he managed to feel the leather under his fingers before kicking off the bottom of the lake with both feet.

Kicking hard even as his head started to swim from a lack of oxygen, Bedi finally broke the surface, gulping air into his lungs as he clung to the sword, kicking to keep himself afloat. Arthur, he needed to get this to Arthur. Needed to find Arthur. Unsure which way he was headed, Bedivere just started swimming as best he could toward the closest shore. He'd catch his breath and then try to go about finding the wayward King.

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