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 No Weakness Allowed, Morgause
Mordred Pendragon
 Posted: Jul 2, 2017 | 10:33 am

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Dearest Mother

The time had come, though he tried his best to not bring up such a thing it was time for him to speak with his mother. He threw a party, music, food and dancing in hopes of distracting the masses from the sheer fact that his mother was losing herself in the darkness, and that was something he could not allow.For he had many worries on his mind as of late, his mother becoming ill his brother turning into the shadow, with no solution on the horizon, he was beginning to lose hope. If it were a simple matter of a duel or a fight then he would challenge the shadow as he was not affected by thanks to the grace of his father whom he had regretted slaying all of those years ago.

His people, his mother needed him to be the face of strength in dark times and they would not be dissapointed in him. The music bright and lively as they entered the room. He stood in front of her, offering his hand to dance with her. It was something they both enjoyed and something he was rather skilled at thanks to her tutelage.

"Humour your favorite son with a dance". The statement a joke to illicit a smile from her, if even a small one.He had to do something to keep her mind from everything else that had been poisoning it.They were dressed to match, as they always did at gatherings. While not necessary he did so as a sign of solidarity to his mother.

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note: We Must Not Falter
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